Vision & Mission

The vision of THE SKYLINE PROJECT is to empower professionals from diverse industries to be ambassadors of hope in their respective workplaces. In this manner, they fulfill God’s global redemptive mission.

THE SKYLINE PROJECT offers monthly inspirational luncheons, weekly affinity groups, and international experiences that foment innovation, integrity, and meaningful friendships that transform our global marketplace

Join us and let's learn together.

-The Skyline Leadership Team


Upcoming Events

  • Fri, Mar 12
    Tower Club - Dallas
    Speaker: Sheetal Agrawal, Sr. FP&A Manager (McKesson) || Is social responsibility the only way companies can take care of their communities? How should our faith impact corporate finances? Join us and let's learn together.
  • Fri, Mar 12
    Tower Club - Dallas
    Speaker: Eddy Badrina, CEO (Eden Green) || Technology is amoral and wise professionals should use it display God's goodness in their respective industries. In a digital age, we should seek to make connections that lead to transformation.
  • Fri, May 14
    Tower Club - Dallas
    Many people are involved in selling the final product of each piece of clothes we wear. Have you ever wondered if a slave was used to create the raw materials? How should our faith inform the fashion industry?
  • Tue, May 25
    Google Meet Link
    Come learn to be a light in your workplace by becoming a member of a City Lights group, a 4-step Christ-centered curriculum for fulfilling God's mission at your workplace.
  • Sat, Jun 12
    Tower Club - Dallas
    We all want justice. But what happens when the legal system of a country is compromised? In this luncheon we'll learn how judges, lawyers, and legal professionals play a significant role in seeing God's definition of justice rule a land. Join us and let's learn together.
  • Sat, Jun 26
    Location is TBD
    Members-only retreat. Location TBD. More details coming soon.
  • Fri, Jul 09
    Tower Club - Dallas
    What if your 401k was contributing to sex traficking in Bangkok, Indonesia? Does it matter if forced slavery continues today because of our financial decisions? This luncheon will present how many people of faith don't believe their theology matters when it comes to investing.



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