Upcoming Events

  • Fri, May 14
    Tower Club - Dallas
    Many people are involved in selling the final product of each piece of clothes we wear. Have you ever wondered if a slave was used to create the raw materials? How should our faith inform the fashion industry?
  • Fri, Jun 11
    Tower Club - Dallas
    We all want justice. But what happens when the legal system of a country is compromised? In this luncheon we'll learn how judges, lawyers, and legal professionals play a significant role in seeing God's definition of justice rule a land. Join us and let's learn together.
  • Sat, Jun 26
    Location is TBD
    Members-only retreat. Location TBD. More details coming soon.
  • Fri, Apr 09
    Tower Club - Dallas
    Real estate investors have a unique opportunity to shape the future of entire communities in their local cities. Should their personal beliefs inform their investment strategy? Join us and let's learn together!
  • Fri, Mar 12
    Tower Club - Dallas
    Speaker: Eddy Badrina, CEO (Eden Green) || Technology is amoral and wise professionals should use it display God's goodness in their respective industries. In a digital age, we should seek to make connections that lead to transformation.
  • Fri, Mar 12
    Tower Club - Dallas
    Speaker: Sheetal Agrawal, Sr. FP&A Manager (McKesson) || Is social responsibility the only way companies can take care of their communities? How should our faith impact corporate finances? Join us and let's learn together.



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